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Colorado Cruisers Productions, LLC


Don "Donnie Mac" McKenzie

Don McKenzie joined The Colorado Cruisers Band in September 2012.  Don was a long-time friends of Mike's.  In 2003, he restored Mike's 1969 Camaro into a three-time Super Chevy Show Regional Champion.  After a night of drinking margaritas during the Camaro restoration, Don let loose a perfect acapello rendition of Don Dokken and Mike tried to get Don to join The CCB.  Don expressed no interest.  Ten years later, Mike tricked Don into practicing with the band on a Friday night.  Mike invited Don over again that Sunday, "just for fun".  That morning, The Buffalo Rose called and asked if The CCB could play that afternoon.  I asked Don to help us load gear and set up for our gig.  It wasn't until we got the stage set up and Mike handed Don a microphone and the lyrics, that Don realized he was performing that day.  

Don's first musical love was Motown


Fast Facts:

Biggest musical influence:      Motown, Classic Rock and 80's hard rock 

Best Live Concert:                  Judas Priest

Favorite Quote:                       

Previous Band:                         Radio Flyer

Closet fan of:                             Disco